Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20,000th QUILT SENT!

Another milestone has been reached by the Camo Quilt Project---we have completed and shipped our 20,000th camo quilt.   The quilt is identified by the embroidered 20,000 on it and this special quilt has been sent to Afghanistan. We are hoping that the soldier receiving it will send us a photo.  It would mean so much to our volunteers to know who received this special quilt. 

The CQP has truly been blessed with many faithful volunteers!  We have a core of volunteers who come 3 times a week to help make the quilts---and they have been doing so for several years.  That is dedication and a heart for our men and women who are leaving their families to serve our country.  There are also many other volunteers who come at least once a month to work on the quilts.

Of course, our volunteers would not have materials to make the quilts except that we have many people who support the project financially. All funding for the project are given by individuals and organizations.  Each quilt costs about $25 to make.  You do the math---it took a LOT of funding to make those 20,000 quilts!

We are always looking for more volunteers and more individuals to support the project.  Come jump on our "band wagon".  You will find great joy in doing something very special for our troops.