Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fundraising Event a Success!

Our first fund raising event, a Chicken and Tips Dinner, sponsored by Laack's Hall in Johnsonville was a big success. Over 500 were served! The proceeds from the dinner and raffles was $4,200.  Numbers from from the NO DINNER tickets are not yet available.  We are VERY pleased with the results and the profits came at just the right time.  Our fabric supplier just informed us he has 2,000 yards of the army waterproof fabric and this fabric was being discontinued.  Having the proceeds in hand enabled us to purchase all 2,000 yards.  This sounds like a LOT of fabric---and it is, but with making over 500 quilts a month this is just a 2 month supply.

For those of you who are out of town, and even out of state you can still be part of this fund raiser by purchasing a NO DINNER ticket. Simply purchase your NO DINNER ticket by sending a contribution for the Camo Quilt Project. Indicate it is for a NO DINNER ticket. See the side bar for information on how to make a contribution.

THANK YOU to all those who donated prizes for the raffle, helped at the dinner and supported the CQP by attending this great event.  Without all of your support and work the dinner would not have happened.  A special thank you to Carl Laack and his staff for sponsoring this event.