Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Orders, Orders and more Orders!

No, I am not talking about the military orders our young men and women in the service receive. I am talking about orders for camo quilts. Right now we have about 1100 quilts that have been ordered and need to be made. It is a bit overwhelming---but our volunteers are working hard to complete the orders. Wouldn't YOU like to be one of our volunteers?

Where do the orders come from? A parent might request a quilt for their son or daughter. Sometimes it is a grandparent or other relative that orders the quilt. Orders have also been received directly from Iraq or Afghanistan. It might be a commander ordering a quilt for the entire unit or it could come from an individual who received a quilt who then orders one for the rest of the unit. An order may be for 1 quilt going to an individual or it could be an order for anywhere from 20 to 200 depending on the size of a unit.

With all the publicity the Camo Quilt Project (CQP) has had lately, the orders are rolling in---now we just need more volunteers to come and join us in making the quilts.