Saturday, July 3, 2010

How much does a Camo Quilt Cost?

The quilts are given to our troops free of charge. If you would like to donate money for a quilt, it costs $25 for the materials to make a quilt. Those who request the quilts pay any shipping charges to send the quilt to their soldier/marine/airman. Besides the cost of the quilt, it takes 3-5 hours to complete each quilt depending on the experience of the volunteer. Here is the break-down of the various tasks: 10 mins for pinning; 10 mins to zigzag 2 vertical rows; 30-60 mins to do the quilting, 10 mins to press 4 ties & 1 binding (7 yds); 45-90 mins to bind the quilt and 15-30 mins for miscellaneous tasks such as cutting, winding bobbins, trimming quilt, cleaning up, inserting card/brochure/cool-tie and rolling the quilt. Of course, the time to make a quilt at the shop depends on how much "chatting" goes on among the volunteers. :)