Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Nothing motivates our volunteers more than having someone who received a camo quilt stop into our workshop to say thank you.  This happened a couple months ago.  LTC Robert Grierson and his family were travelling from their home town, Dubuque IA, to vacation in northern WI.  Their travel plans included stopping in Plymouth WI to visit the Camo Quilt Project.  Robert and his family happened to stop in just as Linda Wieck was leaving for the day.  Linda invited them in and The Grierson Family was given a grand tour of the workshop.  LTC Grierson was especially thankful for receiving his quilt while serving in Afghanistan.  He told Linda, "It was the only piece of bedding I had for half my tour".  Hugs, tears and thank yous were shared before this special family were on their way again.

Although the Griersons arrived at the Camo Quilt Project after the volunteers had left for the day, Linda was sure to let our volunteers know they came and how grateful LTC Grierson was to have a camo quilt.  Having that visit is really an encouragement to keep on cutting, sewing and sending the quilts to our young men and women serving in the Middle East.