Sunday, October 6, 2013

How Many of These Have You Made?

23,000+ of our camouflage quilts and 300+ patriotic lap quilts have been made and distributed to our troops! That's a lot of our brave men and women that now have a bit of comfort during their deployment and have been encouraged knowing that people "back home" have not forgotten them. Each quilt takes about 3 hours to make so that is at least 66,300 volunteer hours!

Our mission is to provide these quilts to U.S. military serving in the Middle East and we ask that the quilt you request be used for that purpose.We accept orders from individuals or from units. See "How to Order a Quilt" in the sidebar.

Right now, we have a slow down of orders and our volunteers want to keep on sewing for our troops. If you know of a troop who has recently deployed or will be deploying in the next month, please contact us.