Monday, October 11, 2010

Special Request for 7 Replacement Quilts

(UPDATE:  The replacement quilts have been completed and sent to this unit)

The CQP made 14 quilts for the 911th FST that deployed to Iraq in May.  On 10/08/201 we received the following email:

"Dear Linda,  You are the wonderful organization who supplied quilts for our 14 member unit that deployed to Iraq in May.  We have cherished them and all use them. Unfortunately, seven of our members lost all of their personal belongings when their sleep tent was hit by enemy mortar fire about a month ago....inclusive of the quilts you all hand made them.  They are saddened by the loss of these quilts.  I am wondering, Linda, if you could make these quilts for these seven members again and ship them to them.  I know it is alot to ask and you have been so generous to us.  But it would mean so much to these people to boost their morale and give them back some very good memories.  I have a list of the names and  their address of the base they are stationed at.  They are in a very very remote austere environment and  would truly appreciate that touch from home."

It saddens us that these 7 soldiers have suffered such a loss, but we are thankful that they were able to reach safety and were not injured.  Although we have over 1000 quilts on order, we want to do what we can to make new quilts for these 7 soldiers and to get them sent to Iraq ASAP. Cost to make them would be about $140 and it would cost another $25-$50 to send them to Iraq.  There are already several volunteers who have said they would work extra hours to help make the quilts. If you would like to help cover the cost of these quilts please let us know.